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American Horror Story’s full trailer and opening titles bring out the freaks

“Where are the freaks? I’m getting bored,” says Finn Witrock in this new American Horror Story trailer, speaking for an entire nation weary of freak-free teasers and grocery stores. But with a week to go until the Freak Show begins, “Opening Night” offers freaks galore—looking freaky, doing freaky stuff, denying that they’re freaks, listening to Freaky Styley, and other things that have made them social pariahs. Sarah Paulson’s conjoined twins dominate the trailer (as they likely will the season), her two heads of the same body but clearly not of the same mind about joining the circus. But almost everyone makes an appearance—most notably Twisty, the psycho clown who’s been called the “most terrifying clown ever” by Ryan Murphy, who’s certainly never been known to lay it on a little thick.


The trailer made its debut alongside the opening credits, which certainly give Twisty some creepy doll competition in the “scary clown” department. They would also pair well with a Tool song.

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