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America gets a remake of The Returned, can stop reading subtitles

Too long have Americans been forced to suffer under the yoke of looking at words on a screen in order to understand what people are saying. Well, another blow has been struck against this oppressive state of affairs: Starting March 9, A&E will present its eerily identical-looking remake of Les Revenants, the internationally (and The A.V. Club) acclaimed French series about people returning from the dead. Not at all confusingly, it’s also being called The Returned, just as the first Les Revenants series was for U.S. and U.K. audiences. And, although we clarified this issue earlier, just to reiterate: this is not a remake of of ABC’s Resurrection, nor a retelling of the film on which the French series is based, nor the 2013 novel of the same name, nor any other undead-themed material. It’s simply what looks like a shot-for-shot redo, starring mostly lookalikes of the actors from the French series (plus Jeremy Sisto and Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Only, you know, in English, thereby making it worth your time.


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