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AMC’s Walking Dead spinoff takes place in Los Angeles, all right

Los Angeles! Love it or leave it, right? Or maybe that’s just America in general? Anyway, flyover states like to scoff at the City of Angels for its shallow industry culture, infamous traffic, and vocal fry. But Angelenos know that their city is actually an arts Mecca with great food, even better weather, and the chance to make $100 a day by lying on the ground and pretending to be dead. And for those enterprising extras willing to stand up and shuffle around in the hot Southern California sun, a whole new set of opportunities has opened up thanks to AMC’s new Los Angeles-set Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead.

The cable network premiered its first teaser spot for the series last night after the Walking Dead season finale; the spot revealed about as much as the Better Call Saul teasers we saw last year, which is to say nothing. It does reveal some lovely views of a residential neighborhood and what we assume is a farmers’ market as a radio announcer warns citizens to go home if they’re feeling sick, because there’s a zombie virus going around and there’s no vaccine for that. (Not that it would matter in Southern California anyway.) Then we see a zombie stumbling through a tunnel, also presumably on its way to the farmers’ market. Fear The Walking Dead is set to premiere on AMC sometime this summer.

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