It's spring, a season marked by warmer days, general re-greening, and many, many superfluous ads reminding you to watch TV. Here's a quick rundown of some TV ads, complete with alternate eye-catching taglines.

Showtime's The Tudors


Actual Tagline: "Thy Kingdom Come"

Alternate Tagline: "Kings are about to get freaky."

Alternate Tagline 2: ""Sex scene, sex scene, my kingdom for a sex scene!"

VH1's misery parade Tough Love.


Actual Tagline: "Cute. Successful. Smart. So what's the problem? According to him, it's you."

Alternate Tagline: "Do you hate yourself? According to him, you should!"

Alternate Tagline 2: "Misogynists give the best life advice."

ABC's extended Suave commercial, In The Motherhood


Actual Tagline: "A new comedy inspired by real stories of real mothers."

Alternate Tagline: "Momz say the darndest things!"

Alternate Tagline 2: "Moms are people too? Ha ha. Just kidding."

Bravo's neverending Make Me A Supermodel


Actual Tagline: "Take Cover."

Alternate Tagline: "It's about to get boring. Model boring."

Alternate Tagline 2: "Zzzzzzzzzzz"