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Oh, things aren’t good.

Raquel and Josh endure the expecting parent’s worst nightmare, in another heart wrenchingly normal scene. There’s no weeping or screaming—just a nurse using her “everything is fine” voice and a night in sweatpants on the couch. But what ties two people together, when there’s no obligations to meet? Love? That’s it? What if we’re wrong? What if we end up alone? Ironically, it’s this sort of constant questioning that pushes those around you away.


And the Pfeffermans aren’t ones to take loneliness well. We see how each copes with his or her own isolation. Sarah reaches out in the time honored tradition of booty calling a safe bet, Josh throws himself into his work, and Ali—high and horny—doesn’t try to move off Lesley’s couch with any sort of haste. It’s fruit from a poison tree: Shelly and Maura are no better at being alone than their children. Both act out, forcing their unhappiness on the people around them. Maura takes an instant disliking to Devina’s beau, but it reads more as callous judgement than benevolent concern—usually one doesn’t want to be openly hostile to a friend, even if there are valid concerns. Shelly interrupts her daughter’s night, forcing her home under semi-false pretenses. No one comes right out and asks for help, but clearly needs it.

Not much happens, plotwise, beyond Raquel’s desertion. If the last episode was a screaming match, “Bulnerable” is the car ride home after, when your energy is spent but nothing feels better.


Grade: B

Number Of Times I Wanted To Smack Ali And Tell Her To Grow Up: 7

Number Of Times I Wanted To Hug Raquel: Once, but for about four hours straight, like do your laundry or get a sandwich or whatever but I will be there, my strong arms wrapped tight around your tiny Rabbinical body.