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"All we heard was 'swamp goth'": How Riverdale's composers set the mood for season three

Riverdale composer Sherri Chung
Photo: Angela Marklew

Ever since Archie first picked up his guitar, Riverdale’s musical performances have been a hot topic of discussion on Dial M For Maple, but it’s time to settle the “score”: Composers Sherri Chung and Blake Neely are the show’s symphonic secret weapons. Last week, hosts Marah and Cameron were lucky enough to sit down with half of that dynamic duo, Sherri Chung, a prolific film and television composer who’s work can also be heard on Blindspot, Family Guy, Legends Of Tomorrow, and more. In this special interview, Chung—who is just as big of a Riverdale fan as we are—tells us how she got involved in the series, her favorite scenes to score, the “swamp goth” inspirations of The Gargoyle King, and what it was like to create the throwback theme for “The Midnight Club.” All of that and more (but no spoilers!) in this exclusive interview episode of Dial M For Maple.

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