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Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Photo: John P. Fleenor (Fox)

Here are all the TV shows The A.V. Club reviewed this weekend, including season finales of three shows that all ended on a high note.

Top Picks

Bob’s Burgers double-header — A- / A

Brooklyn Nine-Nine — A-

Westworld — A


Patrick Melrose — B

“The five-episode limited series, which sees each episode based on one of Edward St. Aubyn’s five largely autobiographical novels, isn’t shy about driving home the ghastliness of its characters and the world they inhabit.”



Barry — A-

“About halfway through the first-season finale something improbable happens, and in the world of Barry, it counts as something close to a miracle.”

Silicon Valley — A-

Timeless — A-

Regular Coverage

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. — B

Billions — B

DuckTales — B+

Gilmore Girls

Killing Eve — B

Saturday Night Live — C-

The Simpsons — C+

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