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All the TV you should have watched this weekend (that isn't Game Of Thrones)

Anna Chlumsky stars in Veep
Photo: Colleen Hayes (HBO)

Here’s everything The A.V. Club reviewed this weekend, from the series finale of Veep to the season 30—that’s right, 30—finale of The Simpsons to the first part of a new Jerrod Carmichael special. Read more recaps and pre-airs on our TV reviews page.

Top picks

Veep series finale — A

Supergirl — B+

Barry — B+


Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. — B


Bob’s Burgers B

The Simpsons B-


Home Videos — D

Binge watches

Lucifer season four

Regular coverage

Killing EveB-

Billions — B-

Saturday Night Live — B-


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