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All the TV you should have watched this weekend

Killing Eve
Photo: BBC America

It was a good weekend for TV, with more than half the episodes The A.V. Club reviewed receiving a B+ or higher. We’ve rounded up this weekend’s reviews here, both for your convenience and in hopes that maybe you’ll find a new show to check out. (Give Killing Eve a watch.)

Top Picks

Atlanta — A
Barry — A-
Billions — B+
Bob’s Burgers — A-
Homeland — A-
Killing Eve — B+
The Last Man On Earth — B+
Trust — B+


Aggretsuko — B

Aggretsuko is short for Aggressive Retsuko, and the eponymous Retsuko is a red panda working a soul-crushing job at an office in Tokyo. She’s still very cute, certainly, but she also has a tendency to get so frustrated by the world around her that her only release is getting drunk and screaming death-metal songs at karaoke.”


The Handmaid’s Tale — B+

Season two of The Handmaid’s Tale is back to Hulu this Wednesday, but you can read Danette Chavez’s pre-air review right now.

Westworld B+

Westworld is back, and heavy on the violence.


Jane The Virgin — A

Regular Coverage

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.B-
Ash Vs. Evil Dead — B
Brooklyn Nine-Nine B-
Gilmore Girls
Silicon Valley B-
The Simpsons C+

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