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Ain't No Walk-Out Like A Scientology Walk-Out

How To Get Your Point Across In A Nightline Interview:

1. First things first, don't agree to the Nightline interview. Especially if the interviewer is Martin Bashir. You know what Martin Bashir's beat is? The crazy beat. So if Martin Bashir is assigned to interview you on Nightline, you're automatically going to look crazy just by showing up. Stay home.


2. If you've foolishly disregarded #1, you're left with only two options: either a.) angry smile with your eyes and let your publicist answer for you, a la Tyra in her recent Nightline interview:

This way you look crazy, but also like a creepy control freak. (That was your point, right?)

Or b.) Throw your mic on the ground and walk-out like an indignant child when you're asked a question you don't want to answer.

Unfortunately this way you look even crazier than when you showed up to be interviewer by noted crazies journalist, Martin Bashir.

But maybe that was Tommy Davis' point? To show the world how angry, thin-skinned, and insane Scientology's highest officials can get when they don't get their way? Seems like a strange PR strategy given that the entire point of the Nightline piece was to investigate claims that Scientology's highest officials are angry, crazy, sometimes abusive people. But maybe this is all part of their proselytizing strategy: If you love short-tempers, saunas, and leaving in an angry huff, maybe Scientology is for you!