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Agent Carter’s season 2 teaser goes heavy on the lightness

Much to the relief of everyone who likes badass spies and excellent television, Marvel’s Agent Carter survived an uncertain fate and is back for another season of action and intrigue. However, it looks like the reprieve may have come with a couple of network notes about trying to lighten up, because wow, does this trailer suggest a change in tone for season two. Peggy Carter’s been sent to California, where it looks like she’ll be taking on a case involving Hollywood—not to mention her old buddy Sousa. It’s unclear just what’s going to happen, outside of the expected heroics with guns, fighting, and Carter taking charge of any room she walks into. We get small teases of new characters, and, even better, old ones (Hi, Jarvis!), and for those who want to play the game of “what clues can we suss out?,” that clapboard at the beginning says someone’s making a movie called The Woman With The Golden Face. Meanwhile, the show starring The Woman We Can’t Wait To Watch returns on January 5.


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