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Adventure Time: “Dream Of Love”

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Like last week’s episode, “Dream Of Love” focuses on the romantic relationship of two supporting characters, but the story is much more juvenile than the broken marriage plot of “Web Weirdos.” Pig and apple-picking elephant Tree Trunks have developed quite a connection since Pig helped TT find her lost apples in “Apple Thief,” and when Finn advises Pig to tell TT how he feels about her, he accidentally sets the couple on a PDA spree that makes the entire Candy Kingdom feel uncomfortable.

After Pig confesses his love for TT, the two go to Princess Bubblegum’s outdoor concert and ruin the event for everyone with their aggressive snuggling. When they’re asked to stop, they instead choose to snuggle their backs instead of their fronts, rubbing their butts together to PB’s electronic beats. Cinnamon Bun shuts down the event and forces the lovers apart, and even though Finn tells them that their PDA can cause the entire world to explode, Pig and TT can’t keep their hands off each other. They make out under the floorboards of Finn and Jake’s treehouse and inside a baby carriage, a library book, and a cheese sandwich. They love each other, and no matter how much people try to keep them apart, their magnetic attraction will always bring them together.


After catching Pig and TT tongue-touching in front of the drive-in movie projector, Finn forbids the couple from any intimacy outside TT’s house, but she’s far too decent to ever live with a man without marrying him first. When Finn suggests marriage, the two argue that it’s much too big a step for them, and that they’re taking their time in deciding how their future turns out. Pig and TT are building a strong foundation for their relationship in the face of overwhelming adversity; they’re confident in their affections for each other and refuse to allow other people to dictate their relationship.

The message this episode sends is that public displays of affection can make people uncomfortable, but people also shouldn’t have to restrain their love for each other based on how society feels. Both arguments have valid reasoning, and showing both sides of the debate is an example of how Adventure Time handles personal i­ssues without passing judgment one way or the other. Adults can certainly learn a thing or two about PDA, but “Dream Of Love” is an episode geared toward the kids in the audience. The conflict isn’t very challenging, and the storytelling is surprisingly straightforward, although the writers do work in some emotional gravitas through the titular duet sung by Pig and TT.

Music is an easy way of conveying a lot of feeling in a short amount of time, and the bluesy “Dream Of Love” is the first lengthy musical number of the season. As the two lovers sing about coming to terms with their separation and overcoming their crippling loneliness, Finn and Jake see how much they care about each other. They decide to let the couple get back together and allow to show as much affection as they want, much to the chagrin of the Candy Kingdom residents­­.

Stray observations:

  • I’m pretty sure the only reason Jake was against Pig and TT’s PDA is because it prolonged him from getting apple pie as soon as possible.
  • Pig and TT must be inheriting some of Jake’s powers, because they are completely sizes all throughout this episode.
  • I love whenever we get to see any pre-Mushroom War entertainment, like the reel at the drive-in that is probably just a commercial for snacks before the main attraction.
  • “They’re snuggling too loud!”
  • “Why is everyone giving me the hairy eyeball?”
  • “This carriage is for babies! For babies!”
  • “I guess I’ll just go back to eating criminals.”

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