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Adult Swim releases Venture Bros. teaser, promises new episodes early next year

We haven’t seen a proper season of The Venture Bros. since 2013, and while that doesn’t sound like a long time on paper, it has certainly felt like a pretty damn long time. Sure, there was that special earlier this year where the whole gang went into space, but that was just Adult Swim throwing us a Venture Bros. bone so we wouldn’t take to the streets and riot. But finally, two agonizingly long years later, Adult Swim has announced that season six of The Venture Bros. will premiere…next year. Early next year, but still next year.


But wait! Don’t riot just yet, because Adult Swim also released a new teaser that will give you more than three minutes of fabulous new Venture Bros. footage, chopped up into predominantly audio-less clips. Also, a good chunk of the teaser is used on a comedically dragged-out “good things come to those who wait” gag, so it’s actually less than three minutes, but are you going to complain or are you going to watch the teaser? Right, both. That’s what we thought.

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