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Adam Conover’s TruTV educational comedy series, Adam Ruins Everything, is back for its third season of myth-busting, with this season’s episodes ruining stuff like guns, sitcoms, and the video game industry. We recently interviewed Conover, who got his start in comedy as part of the Olde English sketch comedy troupe, about his favorite sketches from his early career.

1. “Ken Swizzle’s Time Machine”

“You know when you’re in your 20s and you’re doing that kind of work, most of what you make is shitty. But every once in a while you make something that’s like, yes that’s how good I want my work to be.


2. “Gym Class”

“It did really well online, like, pre Youtube. Like people were downloading this QuickTime.mov like crazy you know what I mean? And so that was a big hit for us at the time.”

3. “O’Douls”

“That’s like, just a really funny rap song about two rappers who think they’re getting drunk on O’Douls, that’s their favorite drink, and they don’t realize it’s not alcoholic.”


4. “Dishes Like To Be Dirty”

“That was actually based on me and my roommate at the time, Raphael.”

5. “One Picture Every Day”

“We spent like three days in a single room taking like, hundreds and hundreds of stills to tell a story over the lifespan of someone who took one photo everyday, like the famous Noah Kalina video.”


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