If you’re in need of some cathartic cursing this morning, Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana have got you covered in a new promo. The short captures the two on Inauguration Day as they prepare for Donald Trump’s presidency by going survivalist. Well, Abbi‘s running a bit late since she needed to use her pre-paid laser hair removal package, much to Ilana’s dismay: “You’re going to need those pubes for warmth,“ she says. They come to realize the apocalypse isn’t that imminent—elevators move; Law & Order: SVU continues to film—but when both their phones buzz with the news that Trump has been sworn in, they launch into a series of blistering expletives. For example: “Fucking bragging about sexual assault motherfucker.”

The fourth season of Broad City is set to debut sometime in summer 2017, at which point we’ll all have donned our I Am Legend gear.