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Aaron Paul charts a new course in the trailer for The Path season two

In reviewing the first season finale of Hulu’s (literal) cult drama The Path, The A.V. Club’s Kate Kulzick noted, “With the characters poised on the brink of significant revelation and change, there’s no telling what season two may bring.” Now the first trailer for the elusive show’s second season finally offers a glimpse of what viewers can expect—namely, a whole lot of creepy supernatural imagery and some great performances from stars Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy.


The first season ended with Eddie (Paul) officially leaving the Meyerist Movement, even as he seemed to have experiences that proved the cult’s truth. Meanwhile, his estranged wife Sarah (Monaghan) joined Meyerism leader Cal (Dancy) as an important figure in the Movement, even as she began to doubt its veracity. In addition to checking in on those threads, the trailer for season two also promises family drama, sexual intrigue, and some sort of “recovering cultists anonymous” support group. Plus there’ a shot of former Dexter star and new season two cast member James Remar holding a bunny rabbit. The Path returns to Hulu with two new episodes on January 25.

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