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A nun’s murder is just the beginning in the trailer for Netflix true-crime series The Keepers

Everybody loves a good murder mystery, but this trailer for the new Netflix documentary series The Keepers suggests that the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of a Baltimore nun named Sister Cathy aren’t the most interesting part of the story. Apparently, the real intrigue comes from the massive cover-up that followed Sister Cathy’s death, with government officials, law enforcement officers, and priests all supposedly working to obfuscate the truth about this woman’s murder. The trailer doesn’t go into the whole thing, but it sounds like some dark stuff went on at a school, and Sister Cathy was going to expose it before she disappeared.

The Keepers looks like it could be a solid follow-up to Making A Murderer for any Netflix users who are looking for another true-crime fix, and it will be available to stream on May 19.


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