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A new American Horror Story trailer connects all the seasons

Every season of American Horror Story is connected. Every season of American Horror Story is redundant, too, despite changes in premise, setting, and characters. But alas, it’s never going to die, is it? Like a curse, American Horror Story will never truly leave television. And every year around this time, we’re treated to a batch of disturbing but ultimately extremely vague promos expounding the new season’s theme. FX shook things up this time with a series of misdirects. Anything to keep the intrigue alive, right? Well, there’s a new trailer for season six out today, and instead of the usual bite-sized bits of horror, it’s a full 30 seconds of fucked up imagery.

The trailer makes a point to visually connect all of the seasons: A rubber man reaches up to stab through the eye of a bleeding nun, who spirals down to make way for the threesome snake, which slithers into a freak show, which transitions into a Hotel Cortez key twisting in someone’s mouth. But what about season six, also known as ?6 according to the trailer. Well, here’s what we’ve got so far: Someone who definitely looks like Spider-Man crawling on a set of train tracks, a quaint undead family, a fucked up scalp, a bad horror film, hands coming out of stairs, a bug slithering on a scalp (not to be confused with the “fucked up scalp” from earlier), someone cutting a chandelier with garden shears, someone being controlled by a shadow, a contorting body, and bones. It’s mostly stuff we’ve seen before. American Horror Story season six is clearly about really bad performance art.

But wait! There’s also this new teaser, which features straw men walking away from a little girl brandishing a scythe. It’s called “The Harvest.” A clue, mayhaps? American Horror Story: Farm? American Horror Story: The Rural Midwest? Oh wait no, they’re in Roanoke. Maybe season six is a spinoff tale about the Scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz?! Definitely not ruling it out. Anyway, look at this cute undead family portrait:

American Horror Story

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