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A decent Tribal Council can't save a dull Survivor

 Jessica Johnston and Cole Medders (Screen Grab/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc)
Jessica Johnston and Cole Medders (Screen Grab/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc)
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  • The saga of Patrick’s annoying personality continues, as the Hustlers tribe tries to balance their exasperation with him with his ability to potentially win them challenges. It’s only odd-woman-out Lauren who seems to be seriously considering him as someone they need to send home.
  • Oh how quickly things change: Chrissy went from being on the very bottom in the first week to feeling like she’s in control of the Heroes tribe, alongside alliance partner Ben. They aren’t sure who they want to send home between JP and Alan, but it will be Alan if Ashley has anything to say about it.
  • The Healers tribe is essentially the Cole and Jessica show, where we learn far too much about Jessica’s sexual history and Cole takes a risk by telling Jessica that Joe has an idol, then starts telling everyone else in an attempt to get sentiment going amongst his tribemates against Joe (much to Jessica’s chagrin, amusingly).
  • Between the budding Cole and Jessica romance and Ashley’s obvious feelings for JP, this season is going to be rough for those who don’t care for romance in their reality competition shows.
  • Jeff is rarely more gleeful than when he can tell someone they did something wrong, and his face when the Healers were missing a block was basically pure joy. The Healers did manage to make up their deficit and got immunity, sending the Hustlers to Tribal again.
  • Remember how everyone was willing to put up with Patrick’s obnoxiousness because he could help them win challenges? Well, when he helps to tank their immunity challenge performance, Lauren feels like she might actually have a chance to turn the rest of her tribe against him.
  • Tribal is interesting, at least, because it starts out seeming as if Lauren is definitely going home but the more everyone talks, the more sentiment seems to actually be against Patrick. As soon as he gets more than one vote, the shock on his face is real, and he goes out with an angry word for his tribe. Sorry, Patrick, you should have been better at throwing things at other things!
  • Why is Lauren bigoted against redheads? That’s totally weird and a thing I thought only existed in South Park.
  • “I’ve never been in a relationship.” “.......................okay.” Best part of the episode, by far. Not a great outing, Survivor.

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