An overstuffed Black Lightning revels in the shared past of its characters


One of the pleasures of watching Black Lightning has been its approach to storytelling. Through four episodes the show’s been patient in unraveling the story of Jefferson Pierce once again donning his mask as Black Lightning, while also taking its time filling in the details of the world he occupies. Where so many…

Martin Scorsese developing a TV drama about Julius Caesar with Vikings' Michael Hirst

According to a report from The Guardian, Martin Scorsese is so totally obsessed with the history of Rome that he’s teaming up with screenwriter Michael Hirst for The Caesars, a TV drama about the history of ancient Rome. Hirst is already a veritable expert in historical TV dramas as the creator of Showtime’s The

Legends Of Tomorrow goes into horror mode with a trip to the asylum


Asylums are a common location for superhero stories, typically used by creators who want to explore the darker mental implications of being a vigilante/supervillain or having superhuman abilities. Arkham Asylum is a key element of the Batman mythos and regular setting in the Gotham TV series, Legion’s first season…

Robbin' Season is kicking off in the new trailer for FX's Atlanta 

When FX’s Atlanta returns for its second season in March, it’ll be rebranded as Atlanta Robbin’ Season—a name meant to indicate that this new batch of episodes won’t exactly be a continuation of last season as much it will be an evolution of its themes. We saw a quick clip earlier this year teasing that the show was…

This Galentine’s Day, we pick our favorite episodes about female friendships

In 5 To Watch, five writers from The A.V. Club look at the latest streaming TV arrivals, each making the case for a favored episode. Alternately, they can offer up recommendations inspired by a theme. The reasons for their picks might differ, but they can all agree that each episode is a must-watch. In this

New Girls Hannah Simone is walkin’ on air as the new Greatest American Hero 

As a bittersweet reminder that the adventures of the New Girl gang and their famous apartment will soon be coming to an end, Hannah Simone has just lined up a new TV gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has hired her to star in the pilot for its remake of ’80s superhero dramedy Greatest American Hero, which…

Gina Rodriguez makes her directorial debut with Jane The Virgin sexcapades


After playing Jane Gloriana Villanueva for four years, Gina Rodriguez is taking even more control of her character’s life by directing her first episode of Jane The Virgin. It’s a challenge that she accomplishes with her typical grace and precision, and she shows that her understanding of this series goes far beyond…

A stellar episode of The Chi showcases the best of the series


“Today Was a Good Day” feels like The Chi viewers have been waiting on. Marcus Gardley’s script provides a level of focus and clarity that earlier episodes have lacked. Rather than doing their best in separated storylines, our four main characters are finally drawn together by a block party. Without the intrusions of…

In its seventh season premiere, Homeland doubles down on its alternative reality


It’s been a long time since anyone could say with a straight face that Homeland held a mirror up to our current geopolitical situation, unless we’re talking about a funhouse mirror with a few cracks in it. A season premiere presents the opportunity for a reset; a convenient time-jump can allow the creative team to…

Star Trek: Discovery ends its first season with a promise to do better


It almost works. If you squint and you’re kind (or if you’ve been enjoying the ride thus far and see no reason to get off the train just yet), “Will You Take My Hand?” is an acceptable, even inspiring, season finale. The loose plot threads are all tied off; the Klingon War is ended; Burnham gets a chance to be a hero…