Two very different Conans top this week's episode: First, Conan (the O'Brien) is struggling with poor ratings for his new show—but does it matter? Conan (the Barbarian) is a terrible movie, and we offer some thematically similar alternatives. Also: Breaking Bad is ending in 16 episodes—does that deadline help or hurt the show? And of course Extracurricular Activities, various bons mots, hashtag shenanigans, and more.


:00 - Intro
:32 - Steven Hyden and Scott Tobias wonder if Conan is flopping
12:52 - Todd VanDerWerff and Erik Adams wonder if setting end dates for TV shows harms them
22:14 - Suggested Titles with Scott Tobias and Keith Phipps
30:42 - Extracurricular Activities with Scott and Nathan Rabin

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