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#16: A Breaking Bad-sized Hole In Our Hearts

A.V. Club Staff
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This week on Reasonable Discussions: Blah blah blah Breaking Bad blah blah blah blah blah. We can't get enough of the show, as evidenced by our week of interviews devoted to it, and, now, our staff considers the season that was. We also consider the movie that is Real Steelwhich topped the box office last weekend, and how low expectations affect your final assessment of a film. In Ask The A.V. Club, a listener wonders what the comedy equivalent of The Wire is, and we close out as usual with Extracurricular Activities.


:00 - Intro
:50 - Breaking Bad season in review with Donna Bowman, Todd VanDerWerff, and Scott Tobias
11:20 - Tasha Robinson liked Real Steel because of her low expectations, but Scott says she's not thinking clearly. Fight! Fight!
24:45 - Ask The A.V. Club with Tasha, Todd, and Keith Phipps
36:30 - Extracurricular Activities with Tasha, Todd, and Keith

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