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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Reasonable DiscussionsHere’s your weekly open thread. Thank you for making our site’s community vibrant, intelligent, and fun!

We had too good of a time at this year's inaugural A.V. Fest, so we're asking everyone to speak quietly, keep the lights dim, and just let us, you know, sit here for a bit before we get going. Once we're less dehydrated and headachy, we'll talk about the fall TV shows we're actually excited about, discuss the strange phenomenon of Twitter books vis a vis the new @MayorEmanuel book, give a reader some pop-culture closure with the return of Ask The A.V. Club, and of course have some Extracurricular Activities.


:00 - Intro
:51 - Todd VanDerWerff and Erik Adams discuss their most anticipated shows of the fall TV season
13:24 - Tasha Robinson and Marcus Gilmer talk about the Twitter book phenomenon
28:37 - Ask The A.V. Club
33:18 - Extracurricular Activities with Tasha, Marcus, and Nathan Rabin


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