UnREAL goes to some very dark places, as it is wont to do


We’re only at episode four of the season, but already UnREAL has landed in a superdark place. Junkie Alexi might be the most painful contestant we’ve witnessed on this show since Mary went off her meds in season one. What’s worse, Jay, usually the only voice of reason on Everlasting, has sold his soul by enabling…


The Stranger Things cast just pulled a huge pay raise out of the Upside Down 

Stranger Things has essentially become Netflix’s flagship series, and now the core cast of the show is getting a pay bump that seems commensurate with the amount of Stranger Things Funko Pops and novelty shirts that are filling up that weird back wall of your local Target. According to Deadline, the leads of Stranger…

John Constantine is staying on DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, assuming the show gets renewed

Legends Of Tomorrow has somehow become the best superhero show on The CW, largely because it refuses to shy away from the inherent absurdity of its premise, but the series has also shown a frustratingly unique awareness of what its audience does and does not want to see. The hawk people and the big bad were all boring…

The Walking Dead reminds us that its side characters are its greatest strength


“The Key” is simultaneously a reminder of how mercilessly boring The Walking Dead can be (another Rick and Negan bro-off, wherein they “I am rubber, you are glue” each other—and the audience—to death about their respectively crappy leadership styles? Oh joy.) and a tantalizing, frustrating glimpse at another version…

Stormy Daniels will appear on 60 Minutes later this month to potentially break Trump's NDA

Ever since The Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump (or at least an attorney working for him) had paid $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels as “hush money” so she’d keep quiet about an affair they had shortly after Melania Trump had given birth, the world has been nervously curious to hear what…

Ash Vs. Evil Dead dives head first into the past to resolve some "Unfinished Business"


To say there are skeletons in the closet for Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is an understatement. The guy has so many ancient demons lingering around that it’s almost impossible for him to finish a can of Shemp’s without having to reach for his chainsaw. But, the same could be said of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, too, especially…

NBC wants a lot more Will And Grace, gives it another season and more episodes

It may look like 2018 outside, but in the TV world it’s still looking a lot like the late-’90s or early-2000s because NBC wants a lot more Will & Grace and its airwaves. As reported by Variety, the network has given the revived sitcom an extended episode order for its upcoming second season as well as a whole third…

There's nothing to worry about (maybe) on an outstanding Jane The Virgin


Tonight’s Jane The Virgin begins with a warning. Words are quickly typed across a white background, and as I read them, I begin to worry. As I take in the first two lines—“The following contains frank and honest language”—I think that this episode is going to have some sort of trigger warning about sensitive material.…

Old friends and new enemies send Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. on a sky-high mission


When you’re on the hunt for gravitonium, it never hurts to bring a couple extra plastic boxes with you. You never know when you might have to recover a piece of the unstable material from a floating cargo ship high in the sky. Or, if you’re an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., you might try to act blasé about the whole…

The Waco that wasn't is brought back to light in Wild Wild Country 


Watching the disciples of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh try to explain away the group’s involvement in everything from immigration fraud to attempted murder to intentionally contaminating salad bars with salmonella as a test run for a potential mass poisoning, you can’t help but wonder how these self-absorbed…


A mediocre season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars ends with a robbery


What is an All Star? Is it someone who does well on a season of Drag Race but doesn’t win? Is it someone who struggles in the competition but goes on to greater things? And what’s the point of an All Star season? Does it exist to boost the profile of promising queens who need the exposure? To reward people who have…

Jack has no issues with dating a student's mom in an overstuffed A.P. Bio


A.P. Bio channeled its pilot about halfway through “Freakin’ Enamored.” After Jack calls out ginger sax enthusiast Colin (Tucker Albrizzi) for souring his date with Trish (Erinn Hayes), Colin’s mom, another student suggests that the way to a single mother’s heart is through her kid.

How To Get Away With Murder struggles to sell its twists in season finale


Shows like How To Get Away With Murder thrive on viewer manipulation. It’s their nature to fake us out. So it tracks that How To Get Away With Murder would totally pull the rug out from us after last week’s penultimate episode. The end of that episode suggests that Bonnie has gotten into a major car accident. And when…

Will And Grace seems to have figured out its political bent


I hate to even think about it, but let’s look back on Will & Grace’s almost completely painful first episode this season, 11 years after the series’ original finale. The Cheeto as a design color guide, for example. The show was trying hard to make a political statement, but failed almost every time it tried.