Maggie's breakup is the most compelling conflict in a packed episode of Charmed


Through Maggie, the return of Charmed taps into its sweetspot of blending supernatural plotting with emotional character work, blurring the lines of the two worlds the sisters belong to in a coherent and meaningful way. Maggie’s devastated in the wake of learning that Parker lied to her and manipulated her. She feels…

The Punisher finale has some questionable thoughts on who deserves redemption


Hey, remember when Frank Castle experienced a morality shifting existential crisis when he thought he’d accidentally murdered three innocent people in a manic shootout? No? Well, good because neither does The Punisher! That hugely dramatic scene from the end of “The Dark Hearts Of Men” has literally no bearing on the…

RuPaul's Drag Race's much-hyped "LaLaPaRUza" is more filler than fabulous


After weeks of build-up and fan speculation, the eliminated queens are back on All Stars 4, and it’s—well, it’s fine. “LaLaPaRUza” is a victim of overhype, with promos playing up Ru’s dramatic revocation of All Stars rules two episodes ago, after “Jersey Justice.” When this twist didn’t materialize until the final…